9 Ultimate Tips To Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy

Dyed Hair: Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were the first to use hair color?

Henna was a popular method typically used to cover gray hairs. Egyptians also use natural ingredients to make paint pigments, adding something unique to their hair like royal blues. 

Here is unique because it’s so versatile, you can cut it short style it in so many ways and most of all, you can even color it, but mind you with great color comes great responsibilities. Your hair is prone to damage when it comes in contact with chemicals and popular dyes such as bleach, but don’t let this stop you from having fun. Let’s explore how to care for your color-treated hair and make that color last longer. 

Dyed Hair – Wait For 3 Days

Dyed Hair
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Before washing freshly colored hair. Avoid washing your hair for the next 72 hours after coloring or you’ll find the color washing out too soon. The chemical process during hair dyeing leaves your hair cuticles open and vulnerable to damage. These chemicals can change your hair structure this hair is more absorbent and likely to get damaged easily. 

Color Protectant Shampoo 

Dyed Hair
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The durability of your hair color depends on the type of shampoo you use sulfate is an ingredient commonly used in shampoos which can also fade out the hair color quickly with each use and strip off its moisture. 

Make sure to avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients like sulfate and alcohol. Use a specifically formulated shampoo for color-treated hair while washing you’re locs it will protect your hair and balance its natural potential of hydrogen. 

Color-safe shampoo preserves your hair color and ensures it does not fade off quickly. They also contain ingredients that hydrate nourish, restore and repair your hair. 

Dyed Hair – Conditioner 

Dyed Hair
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Use a conditioner it’s important to use a conditioner every time you shampoo your color-treated hair. These conditioners form a protective blockade on the hair strands that helps seal the cuticles and lock in moisture which adds shine volume and luster to your hair. As a result, it leaves your hair feeling soft, healthy, and glossy. Make sure that the conditioner is also color safe. 

Avoid High Temperatures 

Dyed Hair
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Avoid using heat-styling tools such as curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow dryers. The outer protective covering of the hair is suspended when the heat opens up the cuticle making the dye bleed out easily use a thermal protectant hair serum or spray whenever you need to style your hair with heat styling tools even when washing your hair. Use cool or lukewarm showers as hot water can damage and fade the colors out of your hair. 

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Dyed Hair
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It is important to deep condition your hair once a week. Now if you’re one of my loyal subscribers, you’re already doing this so it ain’t nothing. Now if I was someone that didn’t normally do this, this would be a newly added step because it is important to deep condition your hair once a week especially when you have color to maintain that moisture.

A major side effect you’re going to have with coloring your hair is the protein damage your hair has to go through. When your hair starts stretching and snapping off. It’s a sign that it’s low on proteins. It might also feel a little mushy when it gets wet. You can fix this by nourishing your hair with the topical protein you can either buy protein treatments from stores or make DIY hair masks.

 For extra shine pamper your colored hair locks once a week with a deep conditioning treatment. Leaving conditioners to come with silicones that form a protective barrier over the hair shaft. Not only does this minimize sun damage but also comes with post-processing frizz. 

They also protect your hair from the damage caused by heat styling tools. By leaving conditioner specifically made to protect color-treated hair. Also, apply oil or use hot oil treatment often regular oiling should be an integral part of your haircare routine colored or not. 

Dyed Hair – Healthy Diet

Dyed Hair
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Whenever you eat, affects the health and appearance of your hair nutrients from a healthy diet promote hair growth and shine foods rich in iron and protein nourish your scalp and hair by building powerful keratin a protein that strengthens your hair improves its texture and promotes hair growth.

Eating lean meat fish, low-fat cheeses, egg whites, spinach, and soy will keep your color-treated hair looking good. You can also snack on fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains between meals. Vitamins are an essential nutrient for keeping color-treated hair healthy and shiny. Vitamin C helps keep the blood vessels in the scalp healthy

It also helps absorb iron from plant proteins biotin and essential B vitamins strengthen weak hair and improve its texture. You can find biotin and foods like salmon, egg yolks, sardines, and carrots. When your diet lacks vitamins taking supplements can also help keep your hair healthy and strong.

And as we age, we produce less and less of it. And we feel the negative impact of that on our bodies. We see it in our skin and in our hair and on our nails, and even in our bones and our joints. So to try and counter that. There is now a wide range of collagen supplements available on the market and they are sourced mainly from animal parts like cow bones and fish gills.

Dyed Hair – UV Protection

Dyed Hair
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The sun’s rays can fade your hair color in every season. try avoiding the sun’s exposure for long hours Going outside on a sunny day protect your hair by using products containing ultraviolet protectors various styling products hairsprays and leaving conditioners to come with sun protection formulas. 

Some UV-protecting products will even come with a mix of vitamins that help restore color-treated hair and prevent future damage. Wear a hat to provide extra protection when you know you’re going to be exposed to the sun for hours during the summer when the sun’s rays are at their most harmful levels. Put on a moisturizer spray with SPF 10 to 15 to protect your colored strands throughout the day. 

Dyed Hair – Dodge Chlorine

Dyed Hair
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The chlorine in swimming pools can fade your hair and weaken it it’s important to take preventative steps before you go in for a dip always wear a swim cap that covers your head and prevents water from touching your hair. 

For more protection, apply coconut oil or leaving conditioner that will create a barrier between your hair and the chlorine water. If you spend a lot of time in swimming pools apply a protective leaving conditioner on wet hair before you go into the pool. Chlorine builds up in your hair and causes its color especially letter colors to change to an unattractive green hue.