9 Reasons Why Your Skin Is Aging Faster Than Normal

Hi Skin, folks aging is natural. Everybody goes through it. Some people are gifted with magic genes that allow them to look half their age, but most people aren’t. This is why you need to pay attention to your lifestyle

Did you know there are things you’re doing that are aging your skin? 

In today’s post, we’re gonna talk about some of these things. are you rubbing your eyes too much or you’re not getting enough sleep? Are you too stressed out? We’re talking about all of these and more.

Rubbing Eyes 

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Do you have those dark circles under your eyes and ever wondered why the skin under the eye is quite delicate compared to the skin on your face? 

The natural aging process can make the under-eye area wrinkly due to the loss of fat. A protein called collagen acts as the spring of your skin it gives that plump and bouncy texture aging can reduce the number of collagen molecules thereby making it wrinkly, thin and papery. Under the eye, bags are also the result of skin changes.

As for those dark circles, excessive eye rubbing could be the reason for occasional rubbing comes with no permanent side effects. If you find yourself rubbing your eyes continuously there’s a reason why allergies and eczema can cause itching. Pulling, tugging, or rubbing this delicate skin is sure to affect the blood supply in that area. 

It can even lead to inflammation and darkening under the eyes. If any of your parents have dark circles, you’re likely to get them yourself. In this case, there’s not much you’re able to do at the same time. You should talk to your doctor to see if there’s anything that can be done. Do you have bags under your eyes? Were you able to get rid of them? What did you do? Sound off in the comments section and start a conversation with our bestie community. 

Disturbed Sleep 

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 Not only do you feel energetic after a good sleep, but your skin also looks healthier. There’s a relationship between great sleep and great skin sleep when your skin undergoes renewal. 

If you’re losing sleep your face literally shows. A study found that women who got less than five hours of sleep a night went through premature aging they were also unsatisfied with their overall appearance. If you struggle to sleep, here are some tips. 

You must have a regular schedule, and fix your bedtime as well as the time you wake up. To relax your eyes. Get off your phone screen. This should be done around an hour before bed. You see the light coming from your screen stops the production of melatonin. This is a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle. 

If you’re not getting enough melatonin you’re not going to get the right amount of sleep. Also, if you have a huge meal right before going to bed, it’s not going to allow you to sleep peacefully have your last decaffeinated drink in the afternoon. 

This way your brain has time to calm down and your body isn’t going nuts by the time you lay down. Looking for answers and all the latest health and wellness news hit that subscribe button and join our millions of followers to stay up to date on all our great st content.

Sipping Out Of A Straw

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It sounds weird but it’s true. Drinking through a straw is the most casual way to sip something. The problem is you’re doing terrible things to your skin. The muscles on your face help you smile, frown and use other expressions. 

The muscles that help you pursue your lips are activated when you slip out of straw the more you use them the more those expressions are drawn on your face. This is the reason why chronic smokers develop creases in their skin which quickly turn into wrinkles. 

It’s not like these wrinkles happen if you use a straw once the trick is not to do it that often. Before we continue here’s why you should drink water on an empty stomach after waking up now back to our discussion on the nine causes of premature skin aging.


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Trust us when we say your skin can’t hide your thoughts. If you’re stressed your brain will eventually take it out on your face. This is all thanks to a hormone called cortisol. Things like work stress and relationship troubles can cause your skin to wrinkle the surge and cortisol shatters collagen this is going to make room for all that sagging under your eyes, cheeks, and neck. 

If you want everything in place the next time you look into a mirror Be sure to make slight lifestyle changes. You need to realize you’re going through a stressful period and give yourself some time. If you want to relax try some activities that will calm you down. Go outside for a walk. Perhaps write your feelings out in a journal and meditate for 10 minutes. See how you feel after that. 


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How many times have you heard that SPF protects your skin before you start rolling your eyes you need to look into this study it found that ultraviolet light contributed to 80% of visible aging including wrinkles and dark spots with blemishes on the skin. 

Isn’t that crazy? 

Now when we say SPF we mean the kind in sunscreen the SPF and makeup is not the kind you want. The rays from the light will increase your chances of premature aging over time. This will make fine lines and brown spots much more visible. 

If you’re going to wear sunscreen outdoors and make sure you pick the right kind you want to get the kind you don’t have to slather all over your face specifically pick a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more it will moisturize you properly be very cautious when you apply sunscreen.

 A study pointed out that almost 20% of people miss the area around the eyelids. Don’t forget to put it all over your ears, neck, and nose. 

Not Taking Proper Care Of Hands 

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Your face is not the only part of the body that shows early aging signs your hands will also look seasoned if you don’t take proper care of them. 

A study pointed out that women who had their hands exposed for long hours had visible veins and wrinkles. This is why you should stop neglecting the skin on your hands. 

Your skin gets translucent as you age due to loss of fat you’ll begin to see the blood vessels after a while start wearing sun protective clothing when you go outside and get shade whenever you can.

You’re Not Wearing Sunglasses

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If you’re driving on a sunny day, make sure you’re wearing sunglasses. These will protect your eyes from damage as well as the skin around your eyes. When you don’t have sunglasses on you’ll be forced to squint over time the squinting will cause lines and wrinkles to form around the eyes. 

The more you activate those facial muscles, the more they will etch wrinkles into your face this happens even while you’re resting get yourself glasses that offer 100% protection, especially from UV 400 wide brim sunglasses are the best they cover more area around your eyes.

Too Much Alcohol

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Cutting back on booze can make you look much younger. You won’t be doing as much damage to your skin this way. You see alcohol can leave your skin dehydrated. Constant boozing will deprive your skin of the moisture it’s needed to stay usable. This will only increase your chances of wrinkles it will also cause your skin to dry up and sag.


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What if we told you to stop using soap soaps and detergents tend to make your skin a little too clean this is not what gives it a healthy glow instead of soap on your skin. Go for some natural cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin from natural oils. 

Too much soap can leave your skin dry it can make it wrinkly if it’s dehydrated, if you’re somebody with very sensitive skin then harsh soaps can lead to eczema and reddening. You definitely want to wipe out allergens bacteria and viruses from your skin. 

So going off the soap completely would not be the solution here. Choose a hydrating cleanser. Spend a couple of extra minutes picking up milder moisturizing soaps labeled gentle alcohol or fragrance-free. Remember to moisturize your skin after a wash. 

This will lock in the moisture and keep your skin plump. Having said that, don’t forget to wash and sanitize your hands to keep the disease away. Your hands can say a lot about your personality.